Foster has a no-cost community service in place for those who need help removing and preventing graffiti vandalism.  Contact us if you (or someone you know) needs help addressing graffiti vandalism. By not only removing graffiti, but helping with creative ways to prevent repeat vandalization, we're taking steps to ensure a more beautiful Portland.  Call us, we're here to help! 

some of our favorite 


We're proud to give back to the greater Portland, Oregon community with both volunteer and financial support.  If you'd like to help make a difference please click on the charities below for their donation sites.

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Some restrictions and qualifications apply. Assistance is governed and selected based on needs, costs, preventability of future occurrence, location, and significance and/or amount of damage. All free offers are at the sole discretion of the providing party. This community assistance program is a zero-cost charitable contribution provided to local property owners by Foster Oil and Chemical Company, LLC (the Company) and is regulated by the Company's internal guidelines for site selection, evaluation, approval, and execution. No promises, warranties, or free services are offered via this website prior to the Company applying its procedures and feasibility tests to each individual application for free services. Please contact the Company for an evaluation and application for assistance and more information.