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Protecting Engines

Motul brings you closer to Specialist Level.


Learn more about how things work, and take care of your engine parts. Watch the Motul School video here! 


What the Heck is MOLY?

Street name Moly.

Birth name Molybdenum Disulphide.


MoS2...for the nerds in all of us.


Viscosity Equivalency Chart

Viscosity equivalents for Kinematic Viscosity (mm2/sec), ISO VG, AGMA No., SAE Gear Oil, SAE Grade Crankcase, Saybolt SUS, etc.


What grease is really made of

It's actually quite interesting... 


API, ILSAC, ACEA, OEM, what gives? 

A quick guide to get you through the amazingly complicated but actually quite simple world of approvals, specs, and standards. 


Hydraulic Fluid 101 (and 102)

If you're not tired, you will be. More than enough info for most people to exit our site or pass out trying. Yet so worth it! 


Choosing the RIGHT metalworking fluids

It's about the economics of manufacturing, not price per gallon. We'll show you why.


GM dexos™ Info

Confusing? Warranty concerns? dexos™ can be daunting for the vehicle owner. We try to help here.



Why does my CNC coolant STINK?

An age-old problem with simple solutions. Contrary to what you've been told, you DO NOT have to smell funny when you leave work.



Selecting (and switching between) Synthetics, Blends, & Conventional Oils

Believe it or not, they all have a proper place and use.



Refractometer Basics

A must-have that is often AWOL at shops we visit.  


Like most complimentary pairings, you shouldn't have coolant without refractometers. 


Glossary of TERMS

Cryptographers unite!


You don't need an Enigma machine, just check out our glossary!