oooh that smell

Can't you smell that smell? Okay, we'll stop singing with our keyboard.


But seriously, why does your coolant smell? It doesn't have to smell. Your shop shouldn't make a locker room envious. Smell-envy isn't attractive.


Like rewinding a VHS tape before you return it to the rental store...doing things right can be very rewarding (remember when they started charging you to rewind the tapes?).


Here are several ways to do things right - for yourself, your employees, your visitors, and everyone they come into contact with after leaving your facility!


  1. Are you using the correct product for your application and metallurgy?

  2. Is the coolant concentration level correct?  Don't forget multipliers with your refractometer, as these are often overlooked. Many coolants have a multiplier / refractive index you'll need to find the true concentration. See our Refractometer section in the FAQs for more information regarding this.

  3. Does the machine need to be cleaned out? Most systems accumulate chips, fines, and swarf. Bacteria love dirty machines and will multiply rapidly.

  4. Is there a potential for contaminants in your machine's coolant system?

  5. Have you done some laboratory analysis of your machine's coolant? This will highlight problems.

  6. Do you have excessive tramp oils (way lubes and hydraulic oils building up in the coolant sump)?


We can help! Contact us and we'll come do a complimentary analysis, pull samples of your sumps, and provide you with a recommended course of action.