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We deal with everything from joint compounds to highly complex synthetic subsea fluids, and everything between. 

Castrol Transaqua

Castrol's water-based subsea control fluid range.

From the new Transaqua SP to the subsea stalwarts Transaqua HT, HT2, HC 10 & 20, and DW.

MacDermid Oceanic & Pelagic

The Oceanic subsea control fluid lineup, from HW 443 to HW 540 & 525, Pelagic, and all of their cousins & distant relatives.

Houghton Stack Magic ECO-F V2

Subsea BOP Fluid meeting current CEFAS and OSPAR, yellow zone for Norway and D for UK notification.


Grease-type rust preventive for use in extreme climates, especially suited for offshore tubular goods like capped threads.

Castrol Brayco Micronic

You know these as Castrol's go-to, must-have synthetic subsea control fluids. The top products are Brayco Micronic SV/3, LV/3, and SV/B.

Don't forget about subsea barrier fluids like Brayco Micronic SBF, SBF ES, and SBF HT.

MacDermid Erifon

Erifon BOP fluids for blow-out preventers, including the CLS range HD 603 HP and HD 856.

Houghton Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids




AQUALINK water glycol based biodegradable hydraulic control fluids like 300F VER2 and HT804F VER2