Not just a great word.
Diligence and commitment in all our efforts. Every customer counts, all the time. Give them our best and deliver consistently.
local counts. as does experience.
Foster Oil & Chemical was founded by Portland, Oregon natives with decades of lubrication and tribological experience. 
We know how lubrication works, or doesn't, in virtually every application. The proper lubricants, applied correctly, can not only protect your equipment but can also prolong service intervals, minimize or prevent downtime, increase productivity, and reduce energy consumption.
Understanding the landscape, your challenges, and how to do business the right way is part of being (and supporting) LOCAL.
Our ethics are beyond reproach. Do the right thing. Every time. Without question. Our rules are simple, zero compromise in regards to professionalism, safety, and environmental protection. But we go a step further, by not only protecting the environment but leaving it better than we found it. 
Easy decisions are those that keep the conscience clear. Decisions that can't? They're not decisions at all.
your future
what else is there?
Our loyalties start with your goals, not our brands.
We're certainly proud of our brands and strategic partnerships. But without your business they are meaningless.
Let us help you gain a competitive advantage and ensure a prosperous future. Wherever your endeavors take you, thick and thin, we want to be alongside you.
Your success is our litmus test.